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Upcoming  Events

FOOD Distribution

next distribution
September 28
Octobr 12 & 26

am - 11am

   Bring your own      reusable bag 
must wear mask


October 7, 2023
9am - 12pm

Garage Sale Items

Inside our building at
2212 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles 90057

support our YOUTH PROGRAMS

rhcc PROGRAMS help our youth learn social skills as well as allow them to have fun and make friends!


after school
Program begins

Aug. 21, 2023

Registration is still open

Summer Sponsors 2023

Norma Lisa Evans
Miguel Zepeda
Darby Woods

Maria T. Valdez
Rosa Vallado
Veronica De León
Maria E. De León 
Barbara Gonzales
Constance C. Smith
Anne Marie Lancaster
Natalie Correnti-Bedes
Azalia Jerez
Delfina Saavedra
Diane Martell
Barbara Cadow
Mary Beth Woods
Caroline Quintanilla
Kathy Gibbs
Janet & Michael Feeley
Elizabeth Alford
Jennifer & T
homas Gowan
Sonia Gudelman
Kathleen Duncan
Jeff & Michelle Soza
Hannon Foundation
A. Diane Martel

Gabriel's Way Foundation
Megan & Josh Dowell
The Welsh Family
Margery Williams
Mrs. Beverly Pazuk
Eva Mare Lumas, SSS in Memory of Sister Martha McCarthy, SSS
Michael & Sheri Hopkins
Sisters of Social Service
Horizontes Sin Limites
Richard & Jewel Kracoff
Dolores Rocha
Azalea Jerez


!Thank you

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Regis House Board Members

Ailene Ignacio
Cindy McPherson
Diane Kimberlin
Frank Merideth
Grace Boys, SSS
Gracia Goade


Katherine Lucero
Janet Merideth
Jessica Cuevas
Jorge Martinez
Mary Beth Woods
Mary Palmer
Rosaura Cuevas


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